Rag Rug Wreath Workshop

Rag Rug Wreath WorkshopFestive fun making a textile wreath using recycled fabrics and rag rug making techniques.

At this workshop you will discover the rag rug making techniques of prodding and hooking whilst making a beautiful festive wreath.

Mounted on a frame and decorated with cones these rag rug wreaths make great presents and delightful, enduring decorations for the home.

Weave a Rustic Wall-Hanging

Weave a  Rustic Wall-HangingFull day workshop 5 - 6 Hours. During this workshop you will weave a rustic style wall-hanging, using locally found oak sticks and a variety of local fleece, merino tops, and decorative yarns. Exploring exciting textures and colours we will create a beautiful and unique piece of art whilst learning some basic weaving skills. 

There will be information about dyeing techniques, fleece preparation and a fabulous choice of materials to use. 

It should be possible to make a finished piece at the workshop. You will also learn the skills to make a bigger piece and other textiles projects later on at home

Pegloom Weaving Workshop

Weave a small mat or cushion pad using a wide range of recycled and natural materials using a pegloom. ( 5 - 6 Hours Recommended). This wonderful South American loom is quick and easy to use so you are guaranteed to make a finished piece on the Pegloomday.
You can choose to use local wool which will be ready washed, (some will be natural colours and some dyed with natural or acid dyes) and learn how to prepare the fleece with carders.
Weaving wonderful peg loom rugs is possible with recycled rags and plastics too and a colourful assortment will be available for you to use.

All looms and materials will be provided and are on sale. You are welcome to bring your own loom and other tools if you have them.

Up-cycling Woollen Blankets

Up-cycling Woollen Blankets...these workshops concentrate on using one sort of fabric in many different ways. Old woollen blankets are a wonderful resource. Wool is a hard wearing natural fibre, it is heat resistant and dyes well. 

Up-cycling Woollen BlanketsFull day workshop aprox 5 hours. At this workshop we will make a range of useful household items whilst learning many different textile recycling skills. Using rag rug making techniques of braiding, standing wool, hooking and prodding we will make vibrant cushion pads and trivets, pincushions and coasters. 

Standing wool pincushions, coaster and brooch workshop.     2-3 hours 

At this workshop you will make a useful and decorative pincushion shaped like a flower from strips of brightly coloured blankets. The technique called standing wool is rolling strips of blanket or other woven wool fabric into coils and stitching firmly to create beautiful spiral effects. After making the pincushion you can also make a brooch or coaster using the coiling and quilling techniques. These techniques can also be used to make larger items especially trivets, place mats and even rugs. 

All tools and materials will be provided and are for sale. This technique involves very accurate cutting as the edges need to line up exactly so the workshop will include use of a rotary cutter although lots of pre-cut pieces will be provided.

Rag Rug Flower Brooch Workshop

Rag Rug FlowersAt this workshop, ( 2 -3 hours), we will make a beautiful corsage whilst learning the rag rug making techniques of hooking and prodding.

Working through a hessian base we  firstly hook the centre of the flower using the hooking method which is also great for making pictorial rag rugs. Around the centre we prod the petals using the same technique as for making shaggy rag rugs.

The outcome is a lovely brooch which is backed with felted fabric and a brooch pin to wear and all the skills you need to make two different styles of rag rugs.

All tools and materials are supplied and are on sale for purchase for future rag rug making.