Preparing fabrics strips for rug hooking

Since both hooking and proddy techniques have to begin by preparing  materials ready for use, I will explore a few ideas to make this task easier.  You can manage entirely with any sharp pair of scissors but do avoid using these for cutting paper or they won’t stay sharp for long.  Some synthetics will also blunt keen cutting edges so I reserve an old pair for such use. (Knife grinders and scissor sharpeners are not always easy to find but some robust scissors will sharpen up fairly well even with the gadgets made  for home use)  I find long blades help and most of the scissors supplied by Rag Art are spring loaded so that there is less strain on the hand when a large amount of cutting has to be done.

Using Colour

An article by Mary Dayton

Recycling and Pointillism

Our work with textiles can be more exciting if we aim to blend small quantities of many shades and tints of closely related colours rather than use large areas of a single hue. Using of recycled materials and scraps will encourage this way of working – the eye will mix colours for you. The impressionist painters led the way with this approach.


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